Social llama review 2015I have been looking for a social signal drip feed service for a while now and finally decided to try out. There service fit my need with their “Agency” plan which cost me $197 per month. This might sound like a lot of money, but if it works out the way I hope, then it will save me countless hours of work each month.

Hope do I plan on using/testing their service?

I will drip feed social signals to all the sites in my PBN and to some of my “money sites”. I’ll send signals mainly to the blog posts in the PBN that contain backlinks to my money sites and a few to the “filler content”. I’ll send some social signals to all the sub pages of my “money sites” and a lot to the main page.

I’ll not be building any backlinks or content on the sites while I’m testing this service, to get a more precise result. That’s why I’m only doing it on parts of my network.

I’ll be testing it on 7 sites (with different competition level on Google) and checking their rankings every 7 days and post the result here.

Sites and current ranking (main keyword) 24 June 2015

Site 1 (Competition – low) – Rank 4

Site 2 (Competition – high) – Rank 14

Site 3 (Competition – medium) – Rank 5

Site 4 (Competition – medium) – Rank 5

Site 5 (Competition – high) – Rank 5

Site 6 (Competition – high) – Rank 6

Site 7 (Competition – high) – Rank 3

Competition is based on seo powersuite results.

Want to know more about Social Llama “CLICK HERE”

Update 2 July 2015: I ran into a bit of a problem because their “Submit website information” form marked my information as spam. But that was a good chance to see how fast and good the support is. The problem got sorted with a few emails in a couple of hours.

I’ll updates rankings in a few days!